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4th Grade Summer Packet (with Parent/Guardian instructions)


Grade(s): 4th

# of Pages: 67

Cost:  $7.00


Product Description: 

This summer packet is perfect for the end of 4th grade and getting ready for 5th grade. It contains 50 days worth of review/practice pages for your students to work on after they leave your fourth grade classroom. Every activity is aligned to either a math or ELA standard with more practice on the skills that are essential for success when entering 5th grade.


==== There are three parts to this product: ====

  1. TEACHER PAGES - Includes teacher instructions and a reproducible award certificate
  2. STUDENT PAGES - Print these pages (double sided recommended) and give to STUDENTS in the last week of school. They will complete these pages over the summer. The student packet includes a motivation chart. After completing a page (and having it checked by an adult), they color in a “sun” picture. When they complete all 50 pages, they return it to you for a special treat.
  3. PARENT/GUARDIAN PAGES - Print these pages and give to parents/guardians/older siblings (optional). These pages include instructions, answer keys, and tips for helping the student with each page in the pack. It includes tips such as recommended websites for students who are struggling with specific skills.


This product includes plenty of fun summer-themed work that will keep your students thinking throughout the summer months. Every activity is a MEANINGFUL exercise that reflects the skills needed when they get to 5th grade.



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