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Addition and Subtraction Math Facts Fluency


Grade(s): 1

# of Pages: 104

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Product Description: 

Struggling with how to help students become fluent in addition and subtraction? Let me introduce you to the FUN way to build math fact fluency!


This packet is the PERFECT tool to increase motivation and engagement for building math fluency. Start by explaining the system to the students. Each day students will be given 3 minutes to take a math facts test. Once he or she has received a 100% on a test within the 3 minute time frame, he or she advances to the next test. The reward for passing each test is an ice cream sundae ingredient.


If you keep the tests and recording forms inside a plastic page protector, students can use a dry erase marker to take the test and then easily erase it for next time!


One of the best parts of using this packet to build math facts fluency is that each student gets to progress at his or her own INDIVIDUAL rate.


You can choose to give these tests over several weeks and allow students to earn ingredients for a sundae party, or you can just use the addition and subtraction worksheets as extra practice. Either way, your students will have a great time practicing addition and subtraction!


The activities in this packet are Common Core aligned to 1.OA.C.6 and 2.OA.B.2. Therefore, this packet is best suited for first grade students, however this could be used for struggling second grade students or at the beginning of 2nd grade as a review. Additionally, high performing Kindergarten students could benefit from this resource.


Included in this packet you will find:

*11 Different tests to build math fluency

*Answer keys for each test

*Recording form to keep track of tests passed

*Parent communication letters in English AND Spanish

*2 pages of flash cards for each test

*Coloring code pages for additional practice

*Teacher keys for coloring code pages

*Printable sundae pieces for tracking student completion



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