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End of Year Awards


Grade(s): 3-5

# of Pages: 105 PDF (Editable included), 51 Google Slides

Cost:  $5.50


Product Description: 

Ready to reward your students for the hard work and effort all year long?  These end of year awards are perfect for that. Let this retro and hipster style make them feel at ease.  If you are upper elementary or your students are older, you can turn the reins over and allow them to peer vote.


This packet includes:

✔️ 49 Student Awards (PDF, Editable in pdf, and Digital Link in Google Slides)

✔️ Voting Log with all 43 student awards listed (PDF, Editable in PDF, and Digital Link in Google Slides)

✔️ 1 Editable, generic certificate to create your own classroom award title (inside PDF)


Award titles include: Always on Time, Safest Student, Most Healthy, Sweetest, Fun To Be Around, Math Magician, Most Organized, Shares the Best, Science Guru, Biggest Daredevil, Best Recycler, Most Businesslike, Best at Surprising, Musical Maven, Best Dresser, Most Adventurous, Rhythm Keeper, Most Careful, Most Peaceful, Best Kicks, Always Brings A Packed Lunch, Most Athletic, Biggest Gamer, Most Decorated, Space Lover, Happiest, At One With Nature, Sweet Tooth, Enjoys Summer, Would Rather Be Camping, Best Door Holder, Class Connector, Biggest Helper, Most Supportive, Most Artistic, Biggest Smile, Most Technological, Most Likely To Be a Celebrity, Most Photogenic, Most Vintage, Best Writer, Most Likely to Wear a Disguise, Biggest Heart, Best at Problem Solving, Most Likely to Need Several Alarms, Most Unique, Best at Joke Telling, Most Likely to Be President, and Would Definitely Save the Planet.


There are also digital links included for saving your own copies in Google Drive and using it in Google Classroom.



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