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End of the Year Memory Book Bundle


Grade(s): 3-6

# of Pages: 150+

Cost:  $4.97


Product Description: 

End of the Year Memory Books are the perfect activities for students to complete as a keepsake for themselves while you work on end of the year assessments. Complete the memory books in one sitting or spread out over several days. It’s an ideal way for everyone to go home with a signed “yearbook” at the end of the year whether they could afford to buy one or not.


This Memory Book Bundle contains both printable and digital versions. Both contain similar pages in layout and labels. The digital book’s pages are bold and colorful while the printable book’s pages are black and white for students to decorate.  Rather than purchase several different books created for specific grades, this product gives you versions that are appropriate for third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.


What’s Inside: 

✔ Multiple covers for 3rd-6th grades

✔ Two types of pages - one for kids who like to write and one for kids who like to draw

✔ Two versions of pages - one with preprinted labels and one without

✔ Colorful digital version and black and white printable version


Labeled Pages: 

  • All about me
  • My school
  • My teacher
  • My classroom
  • The playground
  • The cafeteria
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Gym class
  • Art class
  • Music
  • Library
  • Technology
  • Language
  • Field trips
  • Assemblies
  • Sports
  • My biggest accomplishment
  • My biggest challenge
  • My goals for next year
  • Several different “My friends” pages
  • Several different “Autograph” pages
  • Several lined pages for extra writing space


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