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Famous Failures Escape Room


Grade(s): 3-4

# of Pages: 27

Cost:  $6.25


Product Description: 

The Famous Failures Escape Room activity gives students a chance to get out of their seats and solve clues! This escape room activity covers the following topics: Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Blackwell and Mark Cuban. Perfect activity to instill a positive growth mindset. No prior knowledge is needed.


What’s Included?

✅ Four half page reading passages

✅ Four decoders

✅ Questions for each passage (multiple choice, fill in the blank and true/false)

✅ Teacher directions

✅ Answer key

✅ Student directions

✅ Hint cards

✅ How to decode puzzles

✅ How to save time if the activity is taking too long

✅ Words to know: A glossary of terms

Early Finisher Activity: Text marking


Students will practice reading comprehension and critical thinking skills to solve puzzles. Each clue will reveal interesting facts about Famous Failures with a positive growth mindset.


You do NOT need a lock! You do NOT need envelopes! You do NOT have to cut out puzzle pieces! This product is meant to make your life easy! Just print and go!


Students may work individually, with a partner or in small groups to solve four puzzles in order to determine the final code. I prefer partner work for best results!


An answer key and easy to follow teacher directions are provided.


Time needed: 45-60 minutes (it really all depends on your students reading skills)


You can decide how much time your students have to complete the activity. Maybe some students don’t finish, but that’s OK! They still learned something new! I often stop once the first three students solve all the clues. Time management strategies are included.


Basic subtraction skills are needed, a calculator may be used if needed. Example: 1629-1624=5



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