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My Important Person Gift Bundle


Grade(s): 3-5

# of Pages: 160

Cost:  $5.97


Product Description: 

Celebrating Mother's Day and Father’s Day can be extremely emotional for some students. This year let’s change the narrative of what happens in our classroom when celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Days.


Honoring “My Important Person” instead allows all students to participate in showing appreciation for the important adults in their lives no matter their home situation. This gift can be used for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as it includes options for any adult in a child’s life – aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, foster parents, cousins, etc.


In my classroom, some students created two projects, some created three - they were free to choose however many they needed to honor the special adults in their lives. Gifts were given to mothers, aunts, grandmas, cousins, siblings, neighbors, dads and grandpas. Every student felt included and adults of all kinds were celebrated. Win-win for everyone.


What’s Inside: 

✔ 3 types of gifts

✔ Gift certificates are perfect for younger students

✔ Gift booklet is great for those who like to write

✔ A 3-D card is perfect for students who want to create something with their hands


Gift Certificate Details: 

✔ 11 prewritten coupons

✔  3 blank forms for students to create their own coupon gifts

✔ Students choose which they would like to give and bind together


Gift Booklet 

✔ Contains eight pages of writing prompts for students to write about their important person

✔ Students can choose which pages they want to include in their booklet

✔ 6 versions included with different graphics and lines


3D Card

✔ 6 versions included

✔ Students write their own messages and create their own images

✔ Can be used in multiple ways for future projects


Download Includes:

>  PDF with instructions and a link to access the Google Slides™ 


>> NOTE: You cannot edit the graphics.



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