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Opinion Writing Unit - Printable and Digital for Google Classroom


Grade(s): 4-6

# of Pages: 65

Cost:  $5.00


Product Description: 

Use this as a Distance Learning Opinion Writing activity with your upper elementary students. This is a no-prep unit, meaning you can just upload to Google Classroom and have students work through each mini-lesson as you post them. I have included Opinion Writing Prompts, and digital Graphic Organizers for them to use with EACH lesson that is included.

This is a FULL unit plan for an Opinion Writing. It includes 6 guided PDF or Google Slides lessons that teach students about all of the elements they need to write their own opinion piece.

What's Included?

  • Lesson 1: Introduction, Topic Selection, Brainstorming
  • Lesson 2: Forming an Opinion and Creating a Thesis
  • Lesson 3: Writing a Body Paragraph
  • Lesson 4: Writing an Introduction
  • Lesson 5: Writing a Conclusion
  • Lesson 6: Putting it All Together
  • Google Slides Interactive Brainstorming Outlines (I have put these all in one document AND separated them by lesson so you can choose whatever works better for you)
    • Students complete these as they move through the lessons. Each lesson ends with an "action" item for students to complete in the Opinion Writing Outline document.
  • Printable Brainstorming Outlines (same as above, just printable)
  • Document Explaining How to Implement this Digitally
  • Two Google Classroom Tutorial Videos: to help you implement and post to Google Classroom without any issues

The BEST part of this resource is that it can be used in the classroom when we return to school! The lessons included can be projected and take all of the thinking, planning, and work out of this unit for you. Printable worksheets can be photocopied and handed out to students if you do not want to do it digitally in the regular classroom!



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