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Telling Time Digital & Print Math Games


Grade(s): 1

# of Pages: 98

Cost: $7.49


Product Description: 

Engage your students in telling time to the half hour with these self-checking games. This resource is packed with end of year FUN! There are two different games bundled into one so no matter how your students are attending class, you’ll have something fun for them. 


The first game is a digital math game. This works best in Google Slides, but it can also be downloaded to PowerPoint. Students answer 20 questions to feed the monster a juicy apple. This game includes animations and hilarious audio that will make your students giggle. 


The second game is one of my best selling math games! This game includes 40 self-checking cards. Each card has a value of 1, 2, or 3. This game is versatile as there are many ways to play! Students can earn points, spaces on a game board, materials for a STEM challenge, etc. You choose what you think will work best with your students. 


These make fun end of year activities and can even be sent home as end of year gifts! Simply place the cards in a ziplock bag along with the labels and instructions. Students LOVE these!



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